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Countertops Cleaning/Maintenance Care Guide

Natural stone characteristics by nature are porous, it contains crevices and natural fissures therefore  need to be sealed.  Other Countertops Surfaces like Quartz (Engineered Stone) Solid Surface (Acrylic) and Porcelain may require less or different types of maintenance. We strongly recommend to refer to the manufacturers website for additional information when available. The best way to prevent stains, water spots, and things of that nature is to apply a protective sealant. The sealer can be easily applied by the homeowner, and the process does not take long at all. If you purchased your stone at Southern Interiors, we will apply the initial coat of sealer for your countertops, but it is still highly recommended that you purchase our recommended sealers. 25 Year Dry Treat Sealer is strongly recommended for all natural stone countertops as an additional upgrade.

Routine cleaning of your countertops  is extremely simple, as long as you avoid using chemicals that can cause a negative impact on the stone. Ammonia is one of your worst enemies, and you need to avoid using it at all costs. What ammonia does as far as the stone is concerned, is it actually eats away at and dissolves the sealer. If the sealer is not present, your stone is at risk of staining. One of the most common household cleaners that contain ammonia is “Windex”, so make sure to avoid using that product for cleaning your countertops. What you DO want to use is a mild detergent and water, which works just fine. There are many different countertop cleaners on the market, which are certainly safe to use, but in all honesty, soap and water are all you need.

Natural stone and Engineered stone can sustain heat up to different temperatures, which vary depending on the exact materials, but we still highly recommend using trivets or some sort of mat under hot dishes or cookware. Treat your countertops with care at all times.

Countertops Care Do’s & Don’ts
  • DON’T wait to clean up spills; take care of cleaning them up as soon as you can.
  • DON’T use a cleaner that contains a grit in it for cleaning (i.e. bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, bathtub cleans. Soft Scrub, Comet, etc.)
  • DON’T use Windex, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, lemon, lime or anything with high levels of acid in it for cleaning. Nor Alkaline or abrasive (i.e. steel wool, dry cleaners, soft cleansers Scotch Brite, etc.)
  • DO clean surfaces regularly gently with soap, warm water and microfiber washcloth, or an approved stone cleaner.
  • DO make sure to enjoy your countertops, and don’t be afraid to use them normally, just be conscious about items that could potentially harm them.
If a stronger disinfectant is desired, mix together a 50:50 solution of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Spray onto the granite, allow to sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. If additional information is required please refer to